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Davis Advanced Energy Technologies, DAE Tech, develops and builds supercapacitors and carbon monofluoride (CFx) batteries for clean vehicles, smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

Our products provide high-power with high energy safely and efficiently to enable customers to operate their devices, vehicles and equipment for longer run times, charge their devices more quickly, and store more energy safely at lower costs.

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Highest Power

Renewable Energy

DAE Tech is pushing the boundaries of
battery and supercapacitor technologies to enable Electrification of Everything for a smart and sustainable world!


Our Technologies

We currently focus on three technologies:
Supercapacitor, Primary/Rechargeable CFx Battery, and Energy Storage System (ESS).



Supercapacitor, also known as ultracapacitor or double-layer capacitor, stores energy by means of a static charge as opposed to an electrochemical reaction, applying a voltage differential on the positive and negative plates charges the capacitor. 

Different from capacitors, supercapacitors store much more energy per weight or volumetric unit. Compared to batteries, supercapacitors can be charged or discharged much more quickly (in seconds) and safely at very high currents (high power) for millions of times (cycles). They are often used as a pulse power source for applications such as power grid frequency regulations, solar or wind power smoothing, engine starting, or regenerative braking energy harvesting.

Current supercapacitor products on the market suffer from low energy density and high costs. Using new materials, novel designs, and unique fabrication approaches, DAE Tech has successfully developed a new generation of supercapacitor products and is currently working towards more advanced supercapacitors for EV 2.0 and ESS 2.0 concepts (stay tuned for detailed information on these new concepts!)

Supercapacitors can provide the high power needed to compliment the high energy storage from today's battery systems. Together, Power & Energy demands can be dynamically met for vehicle or grid applications, we call this system level architecture Electric Vehicle/Electric System 2.0.

Primary CFx Battery

Li/CFx battery is known to have the highest theoretical specific capacity among all commercially available primary lithium batteries (>2100 Wh per kg of CFx material on the cathode). However, this battery has not been well developed for general applications for three reasons: voltage delay in the beginning of discharge, significant heat generation during discharge and high cost.

Despite the tremendous potential of CFx, there has been little progress in advancing the development of this battery.  DAE Tech has invented unique approaches for a new generation of primary CFx batteries that largely overcome the aforementioned three obstacles. We continue to build IP for this innovative approach. 

Our battery stores more energy than any primary battery in the market today. It provides sufficient energy and power for wireless sensors, such as smart gas or water meters, wearables, CO gas or vibration sensors and can operate reliably for more than 10 years before replacing.

Rechargeable CFx Battery

Funded by the CalSEED program of California Energy Commission, DAE Tech is the first in the world to develop a novel dual carbon/dual ion battery that stores theoretically three times more energy than today's lithium ion batteries. It uses no cobalt or nickel oxides and thus is inherently safer and costs less.

Energy Storage System

We design and implement high power energy storage systems for EVs, EV charging stations, and Smart Grid.

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1949 Fifth Street Suite 110, Davis, CA 95616

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