Our Mission

DAE Tech supports a smart and sustainable world by providing

renewable energy systems with high power at low costs. We are at a strategic inflection point, the transition to sustainable energy must be accelerated, DAETech is committed to do all we can.   

We are a passionate & experienced provider of supercapacitors, batteries, and energy storage systems for clean vehicles, EV charging stations, Smart Grid, and IoT systems.


Linghong Li, Ph.D.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Linghong came to the US as a Fullbright Scholar in 1993, developed his interest in nanomaterials as a hobby and that passion led him to raise funds for DAE Technologies, Inc., focusing on supercapacitors with high energy density. Currently, DAE Tech maintains an R&D laboratory in Davis California, and holds a majority control over a joint venture in China with a modern production facility for supercapacitors and batteries. Dr. Li currently holds more than 30 patents and is leading the DAE Team to make DAE Tech a global leader in high power energy storage technologies for a sustainable and smart society and environment. Dr. Linghong Li received his Ph.D. from a joint program by Fudan University, China and Aarhus University, Denmark. Dr Li will lead development programs, and drive innovation at each opportunity.

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Bob Gregory

Chief Business Officer

Mr. Gregory has been an advisor/investor in several CleanTech startups, a retired Sr. Director Business Development with 35 years in the personal computer/mobile product industry since it's inception at industry leaders Intel, Compaq/HP, and Panasonic. An accomplished technology initiative driver, he's a founding team member of USB and the PC graphics PCI interfaces. Mr. Gregory earned a BSEE from Villanova University and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Responsibilities at DAE Tech include organizational development, marketing, operations and business development.


Stephen Lipka, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officier

Dr. Lipka has over 30 years of combined academic and industrial experience in the areas of materials science and engineering and electrochemical energy storage and conversion.  Most recently he served as Associate Director for the Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing R&D Center and Associate Director of the Center for Applied Energy Research and as adjunct faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Kentucky.  He holds ten US patents and one pending patent in the areas of water purification, electrochemical energy storage, carbon materials, redox flow batteries and supercapacitors.  Dr. Lipka has managed and directed multimillion-dollar projects over the years funded by both private and commercial companies and state and federal governments. Lipka received a BS in Materials Engineering and a MS and PhD in Materials Science from the University of Virginia.
Responsibilities at DAE tech for the current project will include continued R&D of the rechargeable carbon monofluoride battery technology including materials and electrolyte refinement, testing and developing manufacturing scale up protocols.  Dr. Lipka will also oversee all of the R&D efforts for DAE in other battery systems as they are developed.


Mingxia Zhang, Ph.D.

General Manager

Dr. Mingxia Zhang is a very experienced Executive Officer and Economist.  She served OSSera (a software development company) as CEO and Board Member from 2010 to 2020.  Prior to joining OSSera, Dr. Zhang had provided economics & energy consulting services in the energy sector from 2007 to 2010.  Prior to that, Dr. Zhang had worked from 2001 to 2007 as a Principal Economist and Lead Market Monitoring Specialist for California Independent System Operator (CAISO) - the not-for-profit public benefit corporation charged with operating the California’s high-voltage power grid and electricity wholesale market.  She graduated with a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from University of California, Davis in 1997, and a M.S. from University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 1992.  Dr. Zhang has published over 15 peer-reviewed journal articles on leading economics and power system journals.    
Dr. Zhang currently serves as General Manager and Secretory of Board for DAE Technologies.


Uschi Graham, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Graham has more than 25 years of academic research experience and more than 10 years of industrial experience in areas of materials science, chemical engineering, nanotechnology and, more recently, nanotoxicology as it relates to the exposure, and toxicity of nanomaterials. Her focus has been on nanoparticle synthesis, characterization, nanoimaging, catalysis, fuel synthesis with the use of nanocatalysts, energy storage applications as well as energy conversion technologies. She has a proven track record for conducting research endeavors that span multidisciplinary fields such as material synthesis, development and design applications, construction of devices and coating materials with specific properties for prototype testing. She has experience with metal alloys, various carbon materials and polymers all of which have direct impacts on the understanding and applicability of nanomaterials. A large portion of these investigations focused on environmentally significant materials and energy systems. As PI or co-Investigator on several university, DOE, NASA, NIH and industry-funded grants, Graham was able to build the groundwork for the analytical imaging of particles at subcellular levels and demonstrated the ability to organize and lead multidisciplinary research teams involving multi-million dollar funding opportunities. As a catalyst researcher at the Center for Applied Energy Research at UK, she has assessed the redox behaviors, reactivities and selectivity of nanomaterials during catalytic reactions and evaluated the materials stability over broad ranges of conditions. She holds 10 patents and is part of several patent applications and has in excess of 150 peer reviewed publications ( Currently, Graham is the research director at Faraday Energy (Lexington, KY) which was founded to innovate carbon materials for the energy storage sector and focuses on electrochemical capacitors and primary and secondary batteries for advanced mobile energy storage applications. Graham received a MS in Chemistry at the Karl Ruprecht University of Heidelberg, Germany and a PhD from Penn State.
Responsibilities at DAE tech for the current project will focus on material design, synthesis and analysis of the rechargeable CFx (carbon monofluoride) battery technology and system scale-up and test phase design.

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Andrew Burke, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Burke holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, a M.A. degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Ph.D. in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University. Since 1974, his career work has involved many aspects of electric and hybrid vehicle design, analysis, and testing. He was the head systems engineer on the U.S. Department of Energy–funded Hybrid Vehicle (HTV) project while working at the General Electric Research and Development Center in Schenectady, N.Y. While a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Union College in Schenectady, he continued his work on electric vehicle technology through consulting with the Argonne and Idaho National Engineering (INEL) Laboratories on various DOE electric vehicle and battery programs. Dr. Burke was employed from 1988-1994 at INEL as a principal program specialist in the electric and hybrid vehicle programs. His responsibilities at INEL included modeling and testing of batteries and electric vehicles and the technical management of the DOE ultracapacitor program. Dr. Burke has authored over 150 reports and papers on electric and hybrid vehicles, batteries, and ultracapacitors. Dr. Burke joined the Research Faculty of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis in July 1994. He has performed research on and taught graduate courses on advanced electric driveline technologies specializing on batteries, ultracapacitors, fuel cells, and hybrid vehicle design, control and simulation.

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Andrew Roth

Business Advisor

With a successful background in developing & leading businesses both domestically and internationally, Andrew is passionate and committed to identifying and implementing energy efficiency programs and strategic partnerships to leverage new technology and renewable sources of power to decrease energy costs and benefit the environment. Throughout his career, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Andrew is considered an expert in strategy creation and implementation, new market development, strategic planning, contract negotiation, financial analysis and marketing  products and services with long, complex buying cycles for the energy industry. His vast experience includes successfully managing teams on several continents including North America, Europe, South America and Asia.
Andrew has served on several start-up advisory councils and is currently active in CleanTech as a generalist mentor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and an M.B.A. from Butler University. He plans to work with DAE Tech as a Business Advisor.


Frank Wang

Chief Electrical Engineer

Mr. Wang received his MBA from UIUC in 2002 and B.E. from Xi’An Jiaotong University, one of top three most prestigious universities in the fields of electrical engineering in China. Frank has more than 30 years of technical, management, and marketing experience and progressive roles as an engineer, manager, GM/VP, and GM of a full P&L with GE, Emerson Electric, Schneider Electric, and the UK Smiths Group. Mr. Wang is currently the President and CTO of Dynamic Power Inc. in China and serves as Chief Electrical Engineer for DAE Tech.





Our team is focused on delivering breakthrough performance energy systems for demanding customer requirements. EV 2.0 and ES 2.0 system level architectures deliver the performance needed.

Goal Oriented

Our company is constantly pushing the boundaries of supercapacitor and battery technology. We set goals for our organization to commit and deliver to schedule, our customers depend on it.

Take the First Step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We believe that every day, we are taking those steps towards a more sustainable future. The need is urgent, we must power our energy needs while leaving a better world for successive generations.